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Heroes and Villains - Live Show

05 Nov 2018 / / The Perspective Radio

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The podcast is a recap of the live show from The Perspective Radio on the theme “Heroes and Villains”. The show starts with an introduction from Olga who also gives a brief overview of Julian Assange’s persona. She then opens up the topic for a discussion: should Assange, and whistleblowing as a phenomenon be seen as a hero or doomed as a villain? Afterwards, another radio member, Tom, presents the article he has written in the newly released UPF Magazine. The article is based on an interview with “H” and focuses on why the discussion about wearing a headscarf is so intense in Europe these days. Then Isak brings up the issue of legalizing marijuana, which has become a very lucrative business for countries in Southern Africa. And finally, Jonatan finishes the show with a game he calls “Veroes and Hillains”.    


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